Monday, May 05, 2008

Web 2.0 Inside D2L - PBwiki

Some of the advantages of embedding a wiki inside D2L include the opportunity to deliver content to students inside the VLE and others outside the VLE simultaneously, the ability of managing a series of web pages with a minimum of page creation (coding) knowledge, the ability to allow students to engage in the content creation process by editing the wiki, the ability to have something that allows access long after the password-protected course has been shut off at the end of the term.

Some of the advantages of using PBwiki as your wiki choice include a) it is free to use, b) an advertising-free version is available for educational uses, c) it provides for dozens of different content plug-ins (thousands if you include Google Gadgets) making it easy to add various types of content on any page, and d) the company provides solid support to its users. Check out their blog called The Daily Peanut which is a great place to keep up with new developments.

PBwiki was my number one in my review of the Top Web Tools of 2007 over at Far From a Shining Star.

Here is the link to the video in


Unknown said...

Barry, when you use various third-party (Web 2.0) tools inside D2L, do students ever complain about the plethora of accounts/passwords they need to manage?

Chris said...

Thanks for the props, Barry! PBwiki appreciates your support.

Chris Yeh
PBwiki, Inc.

Unknown said...

Nice stuff. I have faculty who will love this idea and I have been waffling between PBWiki and Wikispaces but with the embeds..I think you made the scales swing to PBWiki's side.