Sunday, June 08, 2008

Web 2.0 inside D2L - Netvibes as Home Page

This video shows how you can use an alternate home page in the newest version (8.3) of Desire2Learn. I chose to use a Netvibes start page in place of the normal home page in D2L. With Netvibes you have the ability to create custom pages (via different tabs) that allows you to drive content to students. In order to make this appear to students you would need to use the public page, not the private page. Here's my public Netvibes page NOT embedded in D2L.

Here is the link to my site in case the embed doesn't work. The audio is a bit choppy in spots. Sorry about that, but close enough for me.


Jim said...

Very interesting, Barry! This is really going to be useful for many of our instructors. I tried moving my own home page from iGoogle to Netvibes, but decided to go back because Netvibes was loading so slow.

See you in Tennessee in a few weeks!

Happy Viking said...

You are awesome! Thanks.