Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call for Keynote Presenters

EAT-IT 2009 will happen on August 12-13 at Inver Hills Community College in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. EAT-IT stands for Emerging Academic Technologies and Instructional Techniques (yes, I spent 30 minutes coming up with a name that would fit the acronym.) More information about the conference at the Innovations in e-Education blog.

Here's a little different twist. We're NOT going to ask keynote speakers to come to this conference, they're going to ask us (we hope!). The conference is called EAT-IT! The focus of the conference will be Emerging Academic Technologies and Instructional Techniques. More info here.

So here's the deal. Submit the form below (or here) and tell us why we should hire you as a keynote speaker. Clearly you want to have a message that is on-topic for the conference. Additionally, consider the following:
* We need to know your total required fee. In other words, give us one price that represents the total amount that we will have to pay you. Don't say "fee plus expenses." As an independent contractor we can't separately reimburse your expenses anyway (in other words, roll the expenses into your fee).
* We would really appreciate it if you would also provide a 50-60 minute breakout session in addition to your 60-75 minute keynote (on the same day). However, you can refuse this if you're not interested.
* Feel free to submit more than one proposal if you have different topics that you think we might be interested in for the conference.

Why are we asking for proposals from potential keynote speakers?
* Why ask why? Why not ask why not?
* Because this might be a chance to see a great proposal for a keynote from someone who never gets asked to do a keynote. Newbies are encouraged to apply.
* Because maybe we'll have a chance at getting an expensive speaker at a bit of a discount. Sort of like unsold seats on an airplane - if these dates are open in someone's calendar then maybe they'll be willing to accept less money to have an extra gig. Maybe not, but it was worth a try.
* Because we'll be able to choose among proposals from people who really want to come to our conference - they'll have to persuade us to hire them rather than us having to persuade them to let us hire them.
* Because we'll be able to tell you up front that we won't be able to pay $5,000 for a keynote speaker. We're hoping to hire at least two different people, and we're expecting only about 75-100 people to attend this conference (it is prime vacation time after all) so we won't have a huge budget to work with.

That's it for now. Hope we get some innovative proposals.