Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recent News Bytes

A few tidbits from the online press and blogosphere:

  • Expect a longer post soon about the D2L connection with Respondus LockDown Browser for increased test security.
  • For a while now there has been an ongoing discussion about the preference for a PLE (personal learning environment) over a LMS (CMS/IMS/whatever). Here's a brief explanation of this distinction and a couple of embedded links to other useful sources.
  • A question and answer post about Personal Learning Environments.
  • "Whether elearning shifts toward the open source LMS option, or to some looser confederation of social web tools, sites, and services, the days of elearning-as-licensed-software are clearly numbered." Read this story at Edugator.
  • I thought this was rather humorous, not that a strike by union faculty is pending or ongoing, but that there must have been doubt in some minds about whether a strike would include online classes.
  • Desire2Duplicate your acronym. "The Graphics Lifecycle Management system (GLM) from D2L and Kodak provides an easy to use end to end digital workflow solution that improves speed, visibility and efficiency across an enterprise." However, this has nothing to do with Desire2Learn. Kodak has started using "D2L" to describe it's new Design2Launch service.

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