Friday, January 25, 2008

Web 2.0 Inside D2L - Google Reader

This video shows the use of Google Reader inside Desire2Learn as an easy way for an instructor to share specific items from their RSS feeds from their own Google Reader account. Using this technique, rather than having all feeds appear inside the online course, the instructor can select only those posts that are particularly germane to the course. In the example it shows me sharing an item from OLDaily by Stephen Downes that links to a blog post by Julie Lindsay. Julie's blog post with an embedded video then appears inside the D2L course for all to enjoy. None of this content actually lives insides D2L, but it looks like it does.

I'd very much like to hear how others are using Web 2.0 tools inside their VLE, even you Blackboard users. ;)

Follow this link to view the video directly at
, which also gives you a full screen option.

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T. Brown said...

I've been experimenting with Twitter feeds in our D2L courses...mostly for staff. Getting status updates about what colleagues are currently working on can promote collaboration and avoid duplication of effort. There are some limitations though - need a separate account for each work group/dept, and have to convince others to participate :-)