Friday, April 04, 2008

Half a Story

A little bird whispered in my ear the other day, but she flew away a little too quickly. So far I only have half a story that could be huge - if the other half pans out. Really can't say too much right now but it is part of the ongoing D2L-Blackboard saga.

Here are some of the keywords for the story:

  • post-trial motion
  • ignored Markman
  • Judge Clark
  • rejected definition
  • vacate finding?
This is fun. Sure hope it turns out to be true. If false? No great loss, after all it is only half a story, filled with rumor and innuendo. Stay tuned.
CC photo by geishaboy500


Britt Watwood said...

You teaser, you!

Frankie and Mike Condon said...

ignored Markman, eh? Whoa.

Jim Dye said...,_Inc.

Interesting! Thanks, Barry.