Friday, June 27, 2008

Desire2Pod Cast 21 - D2L Version 8.3

This podcast episode is an interview with Jeannette Brewer of Desire2Learn. Jeannette told me about many of the new features of Desire2Learn version 8.3. The word Blackboard (or even Blackbeard) didn't come up once (until now). The title is a "Birds-Eye View of Version 8.3." We discuss several things including 1) the look of the new My Courses widget, 2) some of the other homepage management features, 3) new widgets, 4) how can 8.3 help me to manage my Schedule better? and 5) What are some of the lesser known features of 8.3?

Jeannette Brewer is the developer of Desire2Learn’s ePortfolio training programs. Prior to joining Desire2Learn two years ago, Jeannette completed her MSc at the University of York in the UK. She travels to clients across North America and the UK to help them set up their sites and train their staff.

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One thing that we didn't get around to in the (20 min.) interview was the HTML editor, which has seen a few changes.. It is now embedded, and it is W3C compliant with all functions available by either screenreader or keyboard. You can now resize the editor window by dragging the corner, you can now edit equations, access the attributes of pictures, and there’s a much better spell check.For the CSS geeks out there – the header is no longer removed, so you can edit your Dreamweaver content without screwing up the CSS.

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