Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ITC Quick Survey - Switching from Blackboard

The Instructional Technology Council is reviving their member service of quick polls. Today they posted the results from the latest poll dealing with schools that are switching or have switched from one VLE to another, and also some questions related to the popularity of hybrid/blended courses.

44 member schools replied to the survey. Of those respondents, 25 schools, or 55%, have either switched platforms within the past year (11) or are planning to within the next year (14).

Poll question: If you have migrated or are planning to migrate, please list the course management systems your institution could have used, or had a license to use, at your college - before the move. (You can select more than one)

Those 25 schools responded with a total of 47 VLE that they were using or were licensed to use, or an average of nearly 2 platforms per school. Of particular interest to me was that 33 of those 47 responses indicated that they were migrating away from one (or more) of the Blackboard platforms (including old WebCT).

Below I'll indicate what the respondents said in the aggregate about which platforms they are migrating away from and which they are migrating to:

  • Blackboard (all forms): 33 going away, 14 coming aboard
  • Moodle: 7 going, 6 coming
  • Sakai: 3 going, 0 coming
  • Angel: 2 going, 7 coming
  • Desire2Learn: 1 going, 5 coming
  • Educator: 1 going, 0 coming
  • Undecided: 7 schools indicated that they haven't finalized their new adoption
My favorite open comment is the following: "We are forced to adopt Moodle since Blackboard Campus edition price had taken a huge leap to for 2009-2010 license. We barely moved to Blackboard CE6 from WebCT in Summer 2008." No, I don't know which school that is.

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Jared M. Stein said...

The one response that surprises me the most is that almost as many schools are leaving Moodle as are coming to it. It makes me wonder if this is an anomaly or par for the course for Moodle. My own experience favors Moodle over most other LMSs.