Monday, January 12, 2009

Web 2.0 Inside D2L - iMeem Music Playlist

The next installment in the video series of using Web 2.0 tools inside Desire2Learn takes a look at how to embed a music playlist into your online course. Also check out this previous post with more info about making free playlists using iMeem, Seeqpod, Songza, and Pandora.

Visit the page for this video here. (Larger video plus a full-screen option)

Why use this? There's plenty of reasons; here's three for starters.
  • 1) Finding some music that is relevant to your course subject matter can be a good way to start a discussion thread about what the song is trying to say or how it relates to a topic in class. Works great with history classes, political science, and the like. Can't think of any music that's relevant to your accounting class? Time to get a little creative, isn't it?
  • 2) Including a playlist of music you like in your faculty profile is a good way of letting your students learn a bit more about you. You might find some common ground (or not).
  • 3) During the first week when you have your students introduce themselves, have them create a playlist of their three favorite songs. These playlists can be embedded in a discussion posting which would be a good way for the students to tell more about themselves.

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