Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Net Neutrality Video

This new video (Oct. 23, '09) about net neutrality is very well done. Progress appears to have been made to convince the U.S. Congress to NOT screw up our (short, but important) tradition of network neutrality. If you are not yet familiar with this issue, this video would be a good starting place.

Just a few other quotes about the importance of net neutrality:

  • "Net neutrality is fundamentally important to allowing universities fulfill
    their educational mission." (Educause)
  • "A simple principle that means internet providers, such as cable and phone companies, should not block or discriminate against legal content on the web." (
  • "the fundamental concern is that the provider of broadband service not be able to take advantage of that to act in an anticompetitive fashion against others that are trying to provide competitive applications using the same broadband facilities." (Google's Vint Cerf)

All is not perfectly rosy just yet. Here's a short article that makes clear that we may have concerns about whether there can be agreement on what "legitimate content in the continuing development of the Internet." might look like when it comes to dealing with the FCC. (

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