Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eavesdropping on D2L10

Even though I'm happy with my decision to not attend the D2L User Conference this year, that doesn't mean that I wasn't interested in the goings on, nor did it mean that I didn't miss the many friends who were in attendance. I followed the Twitter stream from the conference in an effort to stay somewhat in the know. Here's a chronological listing of selected tweets.

Desire2Learn_PR: Boat cruises, great food, connecting with colleagues… FUSION 2010 is off to a fabulous start! http://bit.ly/17POaR (expand) #D2L10

ajwms: At #d2l10. Last time to see @140universityElluminate as sponsor, I guesshttp://twitpic.com/24h5u9

tabrown: Lots of fun catching up with folks at the #unD2L conference this evening#D2L10

ConnectYard: launching our new learning tool today for #d2l that integrates FB, TW & TM into courses. Stop by our booth at #d2l10 for more details!

ajwms: Has anybody been able to get their iPad connected to hotel wireless at#D2L10 yet? Get a blank login screen only.

kylemackie: 326 new D2L users at #D2L10

krivedal: And none of them were lawyers! RT @kylemackie: D2L has hired 60 new employees this year. #D2L10

barrydahl: RT @ajwms: @condonfnm on stage (in a coat and tie!) to present the first Desire2Excel award at #d2l10 - He does clean up well.

ajwms: SHARE Project (Support, Harnessing & Advancing Repository Enhancement) - Nottingham Trent accepting Desire2Excel Collaboration award#d2l10

Goamick: RT @kylemackie: Keynote: Stuart Brown MD, The National Institute for Play www.nifplay.org #D2L10

barrydahl: RT @katblue14: How do u put on ur playface in an online class?#D2L10 This speaker better have the answer for this one, or why is he there?

dariusz: Listening to Stuart Brown explain why playing around is super importanthttp://www.desire2learn.com/Fusion/keynotes/ #designd2l #d2l10

kylemackie: the opposite of play is not "work", it's depression. #D2L10

ben_ggg: Instruction Design - If you graduate with our degree without learning technology, shame on us. #D2L10

katblue14: Reminder to faculty that a PDF of a scanned doc is a picture and a screen reader can't read it, use OCR. ADA session (faboo session!) #D2L10

ben_ggg: Students DON'T want to visit course related websites, read postings online or participate in online discussions. #d2l10

ajwms: RT @barrydahl: Hey #D2L10 has @ajwms told u about Peillissippi State Ed Tech Svcs. on Facebk? http://bit.ly/a3qtzf (expand) /help us get 2 100 likes!

jcthomsonjr: RT @barrydahl: @kfrisch Maybe the Blackberry should go to a student since almost NONE of our students have Blackberries. How about Android/Apple? #D2L10

atblue14: Kaltura gets it! Same media piece mixed easily into versions for multiple delivery points. Let students control engagement point. #D2L10

kylemackie: Desire2Learn 2Go improvements: delivery of content, schedule meetings, AND they say they're bringing it to iphone and android soon. #D2L10

tjoosten: #d2l mobile will allow you to take video or picts on #droid or others and *share* to #d2l like you share with facebook, picaso, etc. #d2l10 (coming "soon")

w_mcelroy: Some fun web 2.0 tools I want to play with now (ediscio, animoto, glogster....)I can see instructors using these.... #D2L10

ajwms: #designd2l add ability to lock down parts of navbar to protect sections from editing. Please? #d2l10

kylemackie: want to talk community? come to the session @corykittel and I are leading, today at 2:15 (room 6-Illinois) #D2L10

barrydahl: @kylemackie Include this tidbit: developing online community is 36th most important thing to online students at LSC. Out of 36 items. #D2L10

kfrisch: Julie Evans Key note speaker at lunch The New " Free Agent Learner"-Are You Ready? FUSION 2010 http://bit.ly/aqarRN (expand) #D2L10 #osnss10

ajwms: Evans: 55% of students want reminders and alerts sent to mobile device. Glad we are sharing textblaster with faculty this fall #D2L10

rjasonthompson: #D2L10 "Understanding Pedagogy and Instructional Design when moving courses on line" - James Falkofske: www.pedagogyonline.com

tjoosten: Our preso is avail athttp://professorjoosten.blogspot.com/2010/07/student-perceptions-of-desire2learn.html #d2l10 @uwmltc #eportfolio #uwm

duncwhite: Using Soundpaper on the iPad to capture Fusion2010 notes. Patchwork is also a good app to try - will use with teachers this fall. #d2l10

krivedal: #D2L10 National American University has students sign a Self- Directed Learner's Statement

katblue14: #D2L10 the integration of Live Mail w D2L is looking sharp:) This may solve an issue!

jbohreruw: Sweet! RT: @kylemackie: Desire2Excel award, III goes to...learn@ UW.#D2L10 @LearnUWMad

Goamick: Joel Cohen Writer and Co-Executive Producer of The Simpsons talking about engaging an audience #d2l10 this is excellent!

kylemackie: sometimes not using a great idea is a great idea #D2L10

kfrisch: You can get energized by a joke. Goes back to the theme we've heard all conference--play! #d2l10 #osnss10

_dmlong: John Baker: FUSION 2011 will be at Denver! #D2L10 #D2L11

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