Friday, October 26, 2007

My e-Learning Quick PD

Here are some of the things that I learned about e-learning recently from my blog aggregator. In total, I spent about 15 minutes learning about things that might take me several hours to track down by myself, if I knew they were out there at all.

1. via Michael Feldstein: Blackboard continues to look like a very bad partner for higher ed institutions (if you think ethics are a good thing) - also from the D2L Patent Blog (10/24 entry)

2. from Inside Higher Ed: Sloan-C reports continued online enrollment growth, but slowing

3. from Rapid e-Learning: this post seems to get at what I was trying to say about the difference between "action" and "interaction" in e-learning exercises - making the distinction between passive engagement and active engagement.

4. via Stephen Downes and Michael Feldstein: this Educause report about Academic Analytics is worth the reading time, although that time was not included in my 15 minutes.

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