Monday, May 12, 2008

e-Learning Mythbusters Video 04 - Conclusion

This is part 4 of 4. In this 13-minute segment I get the audience reaction to six potential myths about online learning. I briefly share my views/opinions about each of these items after the voting is concluded.

e-Learning Mythbusters - Part 4 - The Final Segment
Part 4 of 4 from my Online Learning Mythbusters keynote at ITC conference

Follow this link to view the part 4 natively (and full-screen) in Zentation.

The six statements that might be myths include:
  • 13) A VLE is an important component of e-learning.
  • 14) Second Life will be the second coming for teaching and learning.
  • 15) Through web analytics reporting, we are learning a tremendous amount of useful information about the behavior and activities of our online students.
  • 16) Through the use of rubrics and standards for related to the quality of online courses (i.e. Quality Matters), we are sufficiently addressing the questions about the quality of online learning.
  • 17) The cost to the institution and the price (tuition) to the student should be lower for e-learning than traditional bricks-and-mortar education.
  • 18) Online learning is plagued by a huge number of fictitious students.

Here is the Zentation link to all four of the presentation segments. You can also click on the category link in the sidebar of this blog to view previous posts about Mythbusters.

In case you're wondering, the reason that this final segment took so long is that the PPT slides at Zentation weren't rendering properly as the previous three segments did. It seems odd since they were all parts of the same PPT slide presentation in the first place. Once I determined the cause of the problem (custom animations related to the charts) I was able to re-sync and make this work.

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