Thursday, May 22, 2008

Web 2.0 Inside D2L - Zoho Notebook

This video shows an embedded Zoho Notebook inside Desire2Learn. Zoho Notebook is a powerful and unique tool that allows you to combine just about any type of web content and place that content anywhere on the different pages of the notebook. Audio, video, webpages, embed code from various sites, file attachment, images, text, etc. etc. Very cool indeed.

Here is the link to my site in case the embed doesn't work.


Raju Vegesna said...

Thats a great video Barry. Thank you for your continued support. Yes, we'll give you an option to remove the cover page on your notebooks.

Raju Vegesna said...

Barry....we just added the feature that lets you disable the start page for your notebook. It is currently available under Publish Menu.