Thursday, April 13, 2006

Student Satisfaction with D2L

On the recent satisfaction survey (Noel-Levitz PSOL) administered at 17 of the campuses within MnOnline, question 28 stated: "The online course delivery platform (Desire2Learn or D2L) is reliable."

2,818 students submitted the survey. Of the 30 comparable items on the survey, this was rated as the most important item with a score of 6.61 on a 7-point scale. On the satisfaction scale, it rated a score of 5.74, which results in a performance gap of .87 points (difference between importance and satisfaction, which could be viewed as the room for improvement).

Overall, that is a pretty good satisfaction score, although clearly not as good as it could be based on the size of the gap. There are only three items on the survey that the students rated higher for satisfaction, which means that the students were more satisfied with D2L than with 26 of the other items on the survey.


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