Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Test-driving Moodle

During the first week of May I'll be moderating an online discussion for the University of Wisconsin Distance Education Certificate Program. This is a special topics course where the group explores a different topic for one week at beginning of each month. The Topics are:

  • February: "Real" Ways to Promote Interaction for Effective Online Learning
  • March: Learning on Demand: Using the PDA for Mobile Course Delivery
  • April: Creating and Using Learning Objects with Open Source Tools
  • May: e-Learning Quality Improvement Through Peer Review
I'll post more about the course quality discussion later, but for now I'll just tell you that I'm excited to use Moodle during the week of the discussion forum. Moodle is the one of the open source IMS/CMS/LMS (take your pick) platforms that has seen a great deal of development over the past couple years.

Nancy Rebholz of UW has given her permission for me to post this link to a 12 minute Camtasia video about Moodle. This was made specifically for participants in the discussion series, so it does not attempt to look deeply into Moodle, but does give you an idea of the interface and the discussion tool. Take a look.

Wikipedia entry about Moodle.
One school's comparison of Blackboard and Moodle.

BTW, anyone can download and install a copy of Moodle. You don't have to have your own college or anything like that. ;)

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