Wednesday, May 03, 2006

D2L Quiz Tool

Just when things seemed to be going rather smoothly, these three messages are posted in the online faculty lounge during the last 24 hours about quiz problems in D2L:

1) Beware all, I have one exam in one of my classes where NONE of the scores showed up in the gradebook. However students took the exam, and the scores are visible in the quiz's grades, just did not port to the gradebook. I asked Susan B. what I might have done wrong and she can find nothing wrong or that I forgot (checkboxes, etc.), she said even the gurus of D2L and such can not explain this. Gremlins in the D2L software. Just keep an eye out in your courses, such as if a student says they took a quiz and a score is not in the gradebook-- their score might be listed in the individual quiz's scores.

I also have had T/F questions showing up with bizarre unreadable formatting on tests, yet in the quiz question database the questions look just fine.

2) I had myriad problems with quizzes last semester. What a pain after working so hard to get everything set up right . . . .

3) My most recent one was odd. I had a couple of matching questions set up in several quizzes, and all the matches were no longer set. Everything went back to 1. So I had to hand grade all the matching questions for 60 people. sigh.

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