Friday, May 12, 2006


The Academic Services Workgroup of Minnesota Online is looking for input about managing and using the Learning Object Repository (LOR) within D2L. I would like to HEAR your comments using a new tool called Vaestro. Vaestro creates threaded discussion boards of voice recordings. It's easy to use. Check out the questions at the link below.

Leave me an Audio Comment
Leave me an Audio Comment.
- or at least check out what others are saying.

For those of you who are audio-challenged, you can reply to this blog post (leave a text comment here) with your thoughts about any of the following:
  1. Are faculty anxious to start using an LOR? Why would they care and why should they care?
  2. Which is a more important use of an LOR, the sharing of learning content or the proper storage and management of all the electronic files, or are they both super important or not at all?
  3. Whose job is it to create and manage the learning objects and the repository? Where should the responsibility lie for all of this?
  4. What role can/should librarians play in managing electronic learning content?

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Anonymous said...

Barry --
Check your link to Vaestro. It just showed a bunch of errors and no audio for me using Firefox.