Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Desire2Learn Client

The Sleuth from Duluth. In the audio interview with John Baker (see post below this) , he said I should use my "sleuthing abilities" to find which Big Twelve school had just signed on with Desire2Learn. Armed with my sleuthing toolkit (Google), I found that Oklahome State University (OSU) has announced signing a contract with D2L after they beat out Angel, WebCT, and Blackboard (See here, scroll down a little) in the RFP battle.

Interestingly, the two finalists were D2L and Angel. Both Blackboard and WebCT were invited to give vendor demonstrations to the task force (did the same people show up twice?), but neither made it to the finalist stage even though both of these were (and still are) already in use at OSU. Another example of BlackCT not being able to compete effectively against more agile competitors, which is why they want to litigate them into oblivion.

In case the post linked to above goes away, I'll quote the operative paragraph here: "The Course Management System Task Force has decided that Desire2Learn will be the cms to replace both Blackboard and WebCT. The change to D2L is scheduled for January 2007. Both the software and new servers are to be obtained by July 2006. Many learning sessions are being planned for faculty and staff throughout the remaining part of the summer and all through the fall. For the fall term, 2006, both WebCT and Blackboard will be used as normal. For more details on the working of the task force, check here." from

Soon the students and faculty at both OU and OSU will be using D2L, unless the lawyers muck it up for them (and us).
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Anonymous said...

The Tennessee College and University system (Tennessee Board of Regents) recently announced that all state colleges and universities in Tennessee will be switching from BlackBoard to Desire2Learn.