Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Response from PIA

Last night I received a thorough response via email from the President of the Professional Investors Alliance. His message was sent in reply to my earlier post about the Patent Reform Act of 2005 that is currently being considered in D.C.

I have invited Mr. Riley to join me in a recorded audio interview (or possibly a Skypecast) to address many of the points that he made in his note to me. I hope he replies affirmatively, and will post info here if there is any. Here is a brief snippet from the email: "...the patent system is timeless and works well, it is the patent office which has problems. We need to fix the office which needs management cleaned up and to triple the number of examiners."

He points out a few of the PIA views about the corporations who are supporting the Reform Act (Deform Act, as they call it on their website) and what their motives are.

About the PIA: "
The Professional Inventors Alliance USA was created more than a decade ago to protect American invention and encourage innovation. American inventors saw a need to track congressional legislation and federal policy that impacts independent inventors, small and medium-sized businesses and colleges and universities. The Alliance is the premiere organization in the nation, providing independent inventors a united voice in order to improve public policy." (copied from email, emphasis mine)

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