Wednesday, September 06, 2006

D2L Hit Hard

On Tuesday, September 5, MnSCU set a new single day record with 13,114,524 hits on our D2L installation. There were a total of 70,095 unique visits from 43,173 unique IP addresses. We knew that this fall would be record setting, but we still weren't sure what to expect when all 32 institutions (actually only 31 active user sites) hit the ground full steam for fall term. As Deputy CIO Al Essa proclaimed, "Let's keep our fingers crossed."

Actually, I think it is necessary to note that the MnSCU staff have done much more than crossing fingers/toes and reciting voodoo chants. A major effort has been conducted over the past several months to upgrade and expand hardware and to begin addressing staffing needs at the Office of the Chancellor. This will probably be the kiss of death....but so far this is the best fall term we have had in terms of system performance, speed, and reliability. Now I'll start holding my breath and wait for the other shoe to drop.

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