Thursday, September 28, 2006

D2L Trial and Clients

I've been talking with Stephan Meyer (left) from D2L today at the Beyond Boundaries conference in Grand Forks, ND. This conference has a modest vendor area and D2L has a modest booth there.

Stephan gave me a couple of tidbits to chew on today. First, D2L will be announcing a new client very soon, although the contract is not signed yet (knock on wood). This is a major statewide consortium and will be another very visible victory for D2L over their competitors (think Blackboard, BlackCT, or whatever else you want to call them). Probably the most important thing is that this client obviously was not put off by the black cloud of litigation that many people have opined would keep D2L from signing new clients. Apparently there are enough safeguards (indemnity, etc.) built into the contracts to help mitigate the perceived risk on the part of potential clients.

Second, Stephan told me that a court date with a jury trial has been set and will be announced very soon. I'm already making my flight reservations for Texas in the spring in order to become totally immersed in the litigation experience. JK, but I sure would like to.
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