Monday, October 02, 2006

Desire2Pod Cast 2: D2L Email Tool

This is the second podcast about Desire2Learn. I am starting a new podcast series called Desire2Pod. These podcasts will look at various things related to D2L, including the tools in the system, interviews with users of the system, and other news about D2L that have an impact on the community of stakeholders.

This is a 23-minute recording with Kenneth Chapman of D2L regarding the new email tool in version 8 of the Desire2Learn Learning Environment.

NOTE: please accept my apologies for the less than stellar audio quality. Due to the recording configuration I used, Kenneth sounds like he is speaking through a tin can and string. I was in a hotel room and didn't have all the equipment with me that I would have preferred. It actually sounded worse before I changed several parameters in Audacity before converting to mp3.

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