Thursday, October 05, 2006

LSC Online Slideshow

Below is a compilation of selected slides from various presentations about LSC Online that I have made during the past year or so. None of the topic areas are covered in complete detail, but there is probably more there than most people would want to view.

One reason I am doing this is to test out the embed feature in a new service called SlideShare. It looks like a very good way of posting and sharing PowerPoint slides on the Web. It doesn't provide ways of creating slides such as Zoho Show, but this looks like a good choice for posting those already created slides. Even though I am trying to wean myself off of PowerPoint, it is hard to walk away from all the content that I have previously created in those presentations.

Embedding in a blog or other webpage is just one of the ways you can use SlideShare. You can also send a viewer to the SlideShare site and they can view your slideshow full screen. You can't try that yet, but it should be available for public consumption any day now. I'll post again when that is available. (Added note: Or possibly, you won't be able to view the slides unless you have an account (free), but I certainly hope that they aren't requiring that.)

Another cool feature is to link directly to one slide in the presentation rather than just the whole presentation. In the new tradition of the read/write web, people can leave comments on individual slides if you want to allow that.

They haven't yet built in audio narration, but that shouldn't be too far behind. This guy has figured out a very creative workaround for this. Just click on the audio player at the bottom of the screen before starting the slideshow, then advance the slide everytime you hear the tingley sound. It's pretty cool. It's in Spanish but that shouldn't bother you unless you live in Tennessee.

You also won't see slide animations that you might have built in PPT, so it's not a perfect replication of viewing your PPT slides where you have complete control over what happens when.

Before closing this post, I've done some hunting around for answers to some of the questions above and I'm coming up short. If they don't open their site to casual viewers (login required) then this horse will sink instead of swim. Would flickr have gone anywhere without being able to easily and freely see all the cool stuff?

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