Thursday, July 20, 2006

MnOnline Tutoring

Minnesota Online announced today that they are completing contract negotiations with SMARTHINKING to provide online tutoring support to the students taking classes through MnOnline. They have a new tutoring website with information about the deal-ee-oh.

LSC Online has used SMARTHINKING for the past three years with good success and satisfaction. The best thing about this deal is that we will now need to buy fewer hours out of our budget to supplement the hours that will now be paid by MnOnline. As a college, we will continue to offer the online tutoring service to all of our students as we have done for the past three years. The MnOnline hours are expected to be used only by students enrolled in online courses. I have no doubt that approximately 80-90% of the hours used at LSC in the past three years were used by online students. However, it is still an important service to provide to all students.

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