Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Desire2Pod Cast 8: D2L and Blackboard

OOPS, this is actually number 9.
I recently received a request to be interviewed by Jonathon Lunardi about the Blackboard patent suit against Desire2Learn as well as other things related to e-Learning and learning management systems. Jonathon is the CEO of SINAPSE Consulting and the COO of SyncRoots and is generally interested in the e-Learning marketplace.

This podcast only contains two of the six questions and answers from the interview. To keep the podcast length a bit smaller, I've divided the interview into chunks. I'm not sure if I'll post the first two-question chunk because I'm not so sure that it's very interesting ... in my own opinion my answers were rather boring and long-winded.

What I'm posting below is the audio from questions 3 & 4 that Jonathon asked during our nearly hour-long interview.

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00:50 - Jonathon asks if D2L is the main competitor to Blackboard, are there others?
03:15 - Angel's competitive position
03:50 - eCollege and others
04:15 - Open source platforms
05:25 - WebCT schools speculation about renewals
06:10 - Jonathon asks what makes D2L more attractive than Blackboard
06:50 - Some of the reasons why MnSCU chose D2L
10:35 - Our risks in choosing D2L
11:40 - Licensing costs
12:30 - Jonathon's closing comments about Oklahoma (OU) choosing D2L

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