Sunday, July 08, 2007

D2L FUSION Opening Reception

The opening reception at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth went very well Sunday night. Overall I think almost everyone enjoyed the venue, with the possible exception of the shy otters who chose not to make an appearance. The highlight for me was the chance to meet Stephen Downes, here seen petting the rays in one of the hands-on exhibits at the aquarium.

For the uninitiated, Stephen (bio here) is a senior researcher for the National Research Council in Canada and viewed by many (including me) as one of the brighest minds in e-learning, educational technology, and just about anything else he puts his mind to. His news recap and commentary on OLDaily is mandatory reading for me and is one of those things in my blog reader that I never let build up too much without reading through the posts. I was surprised to see him here and then disappointed to realize that he is not scheduled to make a presentation. Wait 'til next year!

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