Friday, July 13, 2007

From D2L to ITC

The D2L User Conference is over so it's time to start concentrating on the next big conference event. As a newly-elected board member, I will be promoting the ITC's e-Learning 2008 conference far and wide to any and all who will listen.

ITC (Instructional Technology Council) is a great organization of leaders in e-learning and other uses of educational technology. There is a great mix of single stand-alone institutions as well as multi-campus districts; community colleges and technical colleges; four-year institutions and graduate schools; non-profit organizations along with a few for-profit organizations. The common thread that runs throughout is that they are all interested or involved in instructional technology.

There are two reasons why I know that this is going to be a fabulous conference. First is that it is being hosted by St. Petersburg College. At the last e-Learning conference in Albuquerque I had the privilege of getting to know some great people from the Web and Instructional Technology Services staff at SPC, including Alan Shapiro, Nancy Doolittle, Vicki Westergard, and of course Lynda Womer, current Chair of the ITC Board and Seminole Campus Associate Provost.

The second reason is that it is being held in the City of St. Pete Beach. This is not quite the same as St. Petersburg (which is also great), as St. Pete Beach is almost all beach. The conference is at the TradeWinds Island Grand Beach Resort. Trust me, this conference is well worth attending no matter where it is held, but this combination of a great conference and a great location should make this a huge success.

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