Wednesday, July 18, 2007

IMS Global Learning Consortium

I'm in Seattle (Bellevue/Redmond actually) for the IMS Global Learning Consortium Quarterly Meetings and Learning Technology Advisory Council (LTAC) Summit. I think it will be more interesting than the name implies.

It's my first time here, both in Seattle and at Microsoft. I've been completely turned around since arriving yesterday afternoon. North seems south and east seems west. Not sure how that happened. Of course it's raining this morning. Not that I expected anything else. First impression? This is another one of those places where it is next to impossible to find a Diet Dew. What is up with that? I went into a RiteAid (like Walgreens, if that helps) and they don't even have shelf space for Diet Dew, not in the cooler and not on the shelves of 12-packs. I'm heading for the Microsoft campus in about five minutes and hope to report out on the activities of the Summit as they progress. But I need to find a Diet Dew.

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