Saturday, July 07, 2007

Podcasting without Fruit

Tuesday morning (11:30) at the D2L conference I will be making a presentation titled "Podcasting without Fruit." Huh? Why? What does that mean?

The title is reflective on my own frustration with about 98% of the conference presentations that I have seen in the past three years that have had anything to do with podcasting. These presenters talk about podcasting as if you "HAVE" to have an Apple Computer and use Apple-only software in order to be a podcaster. In fact many of the presentations have been given by Apple employees, which is clearly a good strategy for the Apple Company but not necessarily a helpful solution for the 90% of the computing public who are Windows-users. The last thing I want is to start buying Apple computers for employees who want to start creating podcasts.

So, this session will look at free tools that are available for Windows users who would like to create, edit, and publish podcasts. I have created a Google Notebook with the presentation materials (links, mainly) and will post it here when the presentation begins.
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Anonymous said...

Most people know about Audacity (open source), there is also the "poor man's castblaster" at

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