Thursday, July 12, 2007

D2L Post-conference Workshops

Elvis has left the building (and gone to Memphis for the 2008 D2L conference). The last post-conference workshops have just finished and everything is packed up and moved out. The verbal feedback on the concentrated training sessions was very good. I attended a session on Rubrics and Competencies and learned a great deal. I have several ideas floating around in my head about how we can use that tool to capture data about college-wide outcomes as well as program outcomes. Now the hard part will be in making a good plan and executing it.

Of course we also have to convince MnSCU to actually flip the switch and let us use the tool.

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Bill Railer said...
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Bill Railer said...


Great venue and coordination! The Canadian Defence Academy offered to share their open source based Curriculumn Development Management System and Visual Learning Objective editor allowing you to link right into D2L and the competency engine.

Feel free to contact for a demo

Barry Dahl said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the kind words and the heads up about the management system. I appreciate it. Barry