Friday, February 22, 2008

Injustice is Served

Twelve people in Texas did their civic duty by deciding a case that they probably knew nothing about. My guess is that they just wanted it over - go ahead and punish the wayward Canadians and let the idiot American corporation carry out its heavy-handed patent bullying even though the weight of the evidence had to scream "NOT GUILTY!" I wonder how hard it is for patriotic American jurors to find in favor of a foreign company over a domestic one. Pretty hard, I bet. Doesn't seem fair - a little too much of a home court advantage (pun intended).

3 million dollar judgment against Desire2Learn in Lufkin, Texas. The scorn from the higher education community directed against Blackboard should now get another kick in the pants.

Each year Blackboard will probably need to sue another competitor (Angel, you're next!) in order to make up for the lost revenue as they continue to lose clients who are not willing to play along with their slimy, sleazy tactics.

Letter from John Baker on the D2L Patent Blog.

Flickr photo (CC) by nyghtowl

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