Friday, February 22, 2008

What an Idiot

While at the ITC conference I led a session that I've done many times called Podcasting without Fruit - for all the PC users out there who don't want to buy a Mac just so they can make podcasts. The session was not one of my better performances as I tried to do too much, too fast, blah, blah, blah.

One thing I did illustrate is how to make an audio file with Audacity, how to add a music intro and exit to the file, how to upload the file to Odeo, how to embed the Odeo player into a blog post or VLE page, and how Odeo takes care of getting the file into iTunes.

The problem came yesterday when I remembered that I just uploaded sort of a dummy file as an example. It was sitting in my Desire2Pod series and it needed to go away. So I get into my Odeo account and in an effort to delete the audio file - I DELETED THE ENTIRE PODCAST SERIES!! What a complete idiot. Luckily there are only 15 recordings in that series so far, not 50 or 100. Still, I had to start uploading those files once again.

On the plus side it did give me an opportunity to clean up the blog posts a little bit for those with the embedded players from Odeo. It also showed me a use of iTunes that I didn't expect to need. By subscribing to my own podcast series in iTunes, those 15 files were tucked very neatly in a folder on my computer.

The last problem is that Odeo started borking out after the first fourteen recordings were uploaded. Now I'm waiting for them to get back up to speed so that I can finish episode #15 and I do have #16 ready to be released for the first time.

Here is a filter link to see the fifteen posts. Hopefully podcast #15 will be working by the time you go there. Session #16 will be posted soon.

Peapod photo (CC) by Barron on Flickr

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