Monday, February 25, 2008

Supporting Innovation, Not Suing It

I picked up one of these t-shirts last week at the ITC e-Learning 2008 Conference in St. Pete Beach. The rSmart Group was one of the many great vendors in attendance and they had these two t-shirts as give-aways. I got the first one, but they were already out of the second one before I got there.

I love this kind of stuff - except for the whole "Then you win" thing. Although I still think that Blackbeard will lose in the end and that we will win.

By "we," I mean the educational community at large. I really do believe that BlackCT's tactics have served as a mighty wakeup call to the entire ed community that we cannot become beholden to a callous corporate vendor. I'm not recommending Sakai per se, but they do have good t-shirts and they also fall into my ABB category: ANYBODY BUT BLACKBOARD!!

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