Friday, February 15, 2008

Ustreaming my Keynote at E-Learning 2008

If all goes well (that should be a small if), I plan to use to provide live video of my keynote address tomorrow evening at the e-Learning 2008 conference here at the Tradewinds in St. Pete Beach. If there is a usable recording of the broadcast I will come back here and post it after the fact.

There are two ways that you could view the keynote live: 1) At my wiki page for LSC Online events, or 2) at my page. In both cases, there is a live chat indow provided along with the video. If you load the page before the broadcast begins you will not see any activity. You may need to refresh the page occasionally if the video doesn't start playing on your screen.

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2008
Time 5:30 PM Eastern (4:30 Central)
Duration: 1 hour

Topic: E-Learning Mythbusters: is conventional wisdom wrong?

I'm going to use a student response system (clickers) to ask the audience about 18 (if time allows) different e-learning topics, asking their opinion about whether it is a myth or a reality. I have about 35 total topics identified, but will only be able to ask about half of them during the presentation. Even then, I won't get through all of those if I stop and ramble too much about why I agree or disagree with the audience vote.

Here are a couple of questions that won't be used during the keynote. Please vote using the polls embedded below.

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